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“Dominor“ Company offers container shipping services as well as carriage services for bulky cargoes and heavy loads.

International container shipping requires the in-depth development of all stages of the process, availability of material, human, information and financial resources. We have the appropriate conditions for the quality service, and are ready to provide you with the high-class services. Our stable partnership with the top container lines makes it possible to quote competitive rates and to optimize the delivery time depending on a direction.

Our advantages:

  • minimal time for formalities;
  • partner agreements with shipping, surveyor, stevedore companies;
  • principal position in the work with government agencies.

International shipping is beneficial for several reasons for the business:

  • Safety condition of cargo. You get your cargoes in that form, in which your consignor placed it to the container. Containers are closed and loaded so that malicious damage, theft should be set aside;
  • Universality. Small, mid-size and large-size cargoes (liquid, bulk, single- piece cargoes) are transported by the Sea. The Sea cargo transportations are applied for the majority of cargoes, which it is unpractical or impossible to deliver by car, air or by rail;
  • Cost-effectiveness. It is cheaper to transport goods, materials, equipment by ship over long distances than by car, by rail or by air, because fuel is cheaper than gasoline; loading work requires less labor and money;
  • Unlimited access to any place in the world
  • Transportation of big lots of cargoes

The container shipping services rendered by Dominor LLC comprise the whole range of works on customs clearing, booking of cargoes, cargo escorting on the whole route, and include import, export and transit.

All the said operations are performed under the supervision and constant control by our specialists. During the whole working process, from the booking to the cargo arrival at a final waypoint, you will be able to watch the progress of each step of transportation with the help of your personal manager.

Air cargo traffic

International air cargo traffic is the fastest and most reliable method of delivery, which is largely used for the most valuable cargoes. Air cargo transportations minimize any external risks by ensuring the safety of contents and promptitude of the order execution.

Main advantages of the air delivery of cargoes:

  • Delivery speed. Any cargoes will be best delivered by aircrafts;
  • Transportation safety. Cargoes are transported with minimal damages due to the lowest environmental exposure (mechanical damages, temperature changes, atmospheric moisture, etc.);
  • Opportunity to transport cargoes by charter and regular flights all over the world within time limits specified (even the shortest ones);
  • Reliable procedure of insurance and inspection of cargoes;
  • Minimum number of customs inspections. The transported cargoes stay away from a big number of examinations by means of aircrafts;
  • Cargo transportation by air is the most expensive transporting way. But it is fully justified by the delivery reliability and speed.

For air cargo transportations, Dominor LLC can additionally prepare documents requisite for consigning cargoes, deal with the forwarding and storage of cargoes at warehouses, packaging and further consignment with a guarantee of the safety.

Rail freight transportation

Carriage by rail is one of the best alternatives to carriages by road both inside and outside the country, which consists of a low cost and unlimited cargo volumes.

Indeed, this way of transportation has many great advantages:

  • democratic tariffs;
  • high capacity of railway trains;
  • ease of loading and unloading processes with a possibility to use special-purpose machines;
  • a wide and extensive network of routes that can make it possible to deliver cargoes to various remote locations and on any routes;
  • you can transfer cargoes, goods, materials, raw stock, finished products that are absolutely different in their qualities;
  • independence from weather conditions and changes.

Besides the scheduled dispatching of containers from the Sea Ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhny through the port railway stations, we have a possibility to reload cargoes from containers to railway wagons on the territory of the terminals, which our company has signed cooperation agreements with.

In addition to carriages by rail, specialists of the Company “Dominor” can offer you the quality services for storing, stockpiling, loading and unloading cargoes designated for the rail freight transportation.

Railway deliveries of cargo belong to the most reliable, safe and affordable deliveries. That is why they have their steady position in the Ukrainian transport system. Volumes of cargo deliveries by rail substantially out-top all other available delivery options.

Along with the apparent advantages characteristic for carriages by rail, our company offers an extra wide range of associated proposals beneficial for our clients. We can make optimal cargo routes, schedule an on-time car supply to the load station, promptly execute railway bills, control the progress of loading- unloading works and trace the movement of wagons to the place of their destination with the obligatory informing of clients.


Delivery of cargoes by road is a universal service. It can be used for consigning various goods at any distances. Cars can get to any locality in our country, as the airport or port admitting ships are not in every city.

In addition, road transport:

  • do not require any transitional additional cargo transfers;
  • make it possible to deliver cargoes according to the pattern “door-to-door”;
  • make it possible to select an optimal route for land transports and, whenever necessary, to change it promptly;
  • let offer cargo trucking with vehicles of a different capacity.

Our managers reasonably select a suitable vehicle, taking into account the characteristics of the goods sent to Ukraine. You can order transportation by vans, containers, refrigerators, special vehicles for heavy and oversized products. Using the service of reloading (combined delivery), the client significantly reduces logistics costs.

We work at the best prices. We guarantee the minimum cost of delivery of oversized cargo to Ukraine and reasonable prices for land transportation of non-standard designs. Always strive to reduce customer costs. Therefore, we create routes that reduce the cost of transporting goods by road.


According to the law, the importing company can carry out the import operation both independently and entrust the process of processing to third parties.

One can find out what approvals and permits and supplementary documents are required for the customs clearance after determining a code of articles according to the UKTZED (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity).

Subject to the law of Ukraine, foreign economic activities of any domestic commercial entity and its counteragents are performed on grounds of the agreement or contract-understanding that sets reciprocal obligations and rights of two or more entities, determines a level for their cancellation or changing. An agreement is executed and submitted to the Ukrainian Customs Service with a package of other obligatory documents.

The process of import and customs clearance go in accordance with the rules set by the Ukrainian Customs Laws, and can be varied due to either economic or political factors. The provisions of the government agencies regulating the foreign economic activities are explicit and should be followed by the importing company.

Moreover, the legislation prescribes mandatory fees, taxes and excise duties for transported goods as well as payment confirmation. In addition, it is necessary to follow all the envisaged requirements of the customs laws related to non-tariff import regulation measures and other governmental restraints.

Dominor LLC will provide the full complex of services on customs execution of import of commodities and cargoes of your company.

Customs transit

The customs procedure is applied in transportations of goods going through the customs territory.

It may be divided into several stages:

  • paperwork;
  • submission and registration;
  • verification of the bill of entry and customs control;
  • release of goods;
  • end of the transit.

The main peculiarity of the customs transit procedure consists in the fact that transported commodities shall not be taxed and charged with customs, special, anti-dumping and compensation duties. At this, the customs declarant shall obligatorily submit documents confirming the security for the payment of customs duties to the customs authority at the site of arrival of cargoes.

Clearance of the customs transit of commodities subject to the customs procedure might take from some hours to 1 day! Herewith, the price or cost of the services of customs transit clearance of commodities at our company is minimal at the market and agreed individually depending on the tasks set. The final price depends on a place of the customs clearance: airport, railway station, seaport or road freight terminal.


Export is a mode in which the export of products outside the country is possible. In this case, the exporting country is Ukraine. Additional documents are also required for this procedure: a certificate stating that the cargo does not represent historical or currency value; carrier and driver data; quality certificates; foreign trade contract.

We can offer our clients a quality and reliable service comprising:

  • formation of a logistic chain and optimal route for exporting any cargoes to any place in the world;
  • assistance in preparing an international contract for the export;
  • financial clearing of export operations;
  • obtainment of requisite approvals and permits for the customs clearance;
  • customs clearance of any cargoes in the regime of export;
  • delivery and forwarding of any cargoes by any transports to any place in the world.

By choosing to cooperate with our company, you can always be sure that your customer will receive his loads on time, and you will save your time and money.

Customs operations

Advance notification of customs bodies about imported cargoes is known in the world as one of the most forceful ways to increase the efficiency of the customs administration. Reduction of time of customs operations takes on particular significance in terms of the increase of foreign trade volumes of Ukraine. The modern customs techniques create an environment for improving the interaction of different types of transport and operators at seaports, what eventually results in increasing the efficiency of shipping.

The main key to success in conducting foreign trade transactions with minimal risk, minimal time and financial expenditures is prompt customs clearance of goods. An important role in the customs clearance of import and export is played by a reliable, qualified and professional customs broker.

For the competent and timely customs clearance of cargoes, it is necessary to perform a number of preliminary operations beforehand.

Our company follows the current Ukrainian laws and Customs Code only. We provide our clients with a customized approach in solving problems that can appear in the foreign economic activities, customs clearance, obtainment of approvals and permits.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is a final stage in the commerce completion process of large companies. The main goal of the cargo escorting service is to secure the absolute safety of cargoes from any physical effects. In transporting cargoes, one carries out the constant supervision as well as systematic tracing of cargo movements.

The cargo escorting process is to fully release the customer from any problems related to the arrangement of cargo transportations so to principally save the client`s time and money.

The freight forwarder, who plans to transport cargoes, often applies the multimodal delivery pattern – logistic system implicating the delivery of cargoes by various transports and haul routes.

The freight forwarding greatly reduces expenses for the carriage itself and shortens the delivery time. Our company will arrange for the provision of consulting, customs services, and deal with all organizational moments. We travel the whole path with our clients: from the point of departure of cargoes to the place of destination. Our clients can feel secure about their commodities, as potential risks will be effectively insured.

The freight forwarding operation includes:

search for suitable equipment

As cargoes might have different gauges, requirements to the urgency of deliveries and other important features, our company-carrier is obliged to provide a necessary type of special-purpose machines in accordance with the aforesaid so to arrange the most comfortable transportation of cargoes.

planning of an optimal route

For a prompt delivery of cargoes, it is necessary to have an accurately planned route, especially when the delivery of goods has to be performed in a short space of time. The route designing falls completely on the carrier.

registration of a package of necessary documents

Our company will take care of the execution of all requisite documents for transporting cargoes to the final waypoint. This service is essential in the freight forwarding process.

In the cargo escorting, the freight forwarder solves the following tasks:

  • execution of a package of necessary documents;
  • monitoring of works on preparing cargoes to the process of transportation, marking and packaging operations;
  • planning of an optimal cargo route;
  • control of the safety of transported cargoes;
  • constant monitoring of cargoes and abidance to the terns of transportation on the move;
  • due notification of customers about the location of cargoes transported;
  • control of the customer`s receipt of cargo;
  • solution of all problems arising in the cargo transportation from the consigning moment to the final delivery to the recipient.

Our customers value our company for reliability and accuracy in fulfilling its obligations. The main advantage of the transport and forwarding division of Dominor LLC is its efficiency and flexibility. We ensure the delivery of customer's cargo from anywhere in the world on the optimal route. We organize a full range of services related to transportation, from cargo insurance to consulting in customs clearance and certification. We provide freight forwarding service at a high professional level.


In the import cargo execution, some cargoes require certificates of conformance and quality as well as other documents to be submitted to the customs authorities.

Our company cooperates with many standardization and certification bodies accredited for any types of products.

We will help you to execute:

  •  Certificate of State Registration of Products – an official document certifying that the state registered products (material, substance, appliance, device) fully comply with all the sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • Certificates of Conformance: certificate of conformance is a document confirming that products meet the technical regulations, provisions of standards, codes, etc.;
  • Certificate of Manufacturer, Contract Holder, Batch of Goods;
  • COA and expert findings.

Usually selling goods, especially in wholesale quantities, to large trading networks is impossible without certificate of conformance. It is a document issued by the Ukrainian Certification Authority that indicates that goods or service meet the Ukrainian standards and regulations. Certification can be voluntary and compulsory. For the import customs control, it is necessary to get a certificate of conformance for specific commodities. To find out what commodities require certificates of conformance is possible by using the code according to the UKTZED (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity).

Warehousing services

Warehousing logistics is the most important segment in the logistic chain of any enterprise. Demand for warehousing services steadily grows, and the quality of services increases correspondingly. Every logistic company is keen to offer a list of warehousing operations as big as possible by starting from the care and custody to the management of commodity stocks of clients.

The modern logistic complex can offer the following warehousing services:

  • Secure storage at warehouses with different temperature conditions as well as at open areas;
  • Rent of storage facilities and offices;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Packing and repacking;
  • Loading/unloading works;
  • Work with rejects/returns;
  • Accounting of goods and execution of accompanied documents;
  • Stocktakings, etc.

Availability of modern warehousing technologies and qualified personnel make it possible to perform the quality handling of any kinds of load fully compliant with the customer`s instructions as early as possible.

The warehouse operator has everything required for rendering the competent logistic services, a wide experience in working with various categories of goods, and bears pecuniary liability for the condition of cargo and its safety.

The warehouse complex is a combination of interrelated elements of the logistic chain performing the whole spectrum of functions on storing, accumulating, handing and distributing cargoes among consumers. It may be a private or rented warehouse, consignment warehouse of the logistic operator. There are many types of warehouses purposed for solving different logistic tasks.

In determining the warehouse specific classification, the following parameters should be considered: geographic location of warehouses, convenience and condition of access roads, proximity of storage facilities to motorways, presence of a branch railway line, area of storage facilities, number of stories in a building, ceiling height, security system reliability and other features.

Irrespective of a class of the warehouse complex, it is to fully satisfy the owner`s or tenant`s specific logistic needs related to the transportation, storage and handling of goods and cargoes – secure storage, rent of storage facilities, cross-docking and other warehousing services.

Many industrial and trading companies undersell the importance of the warehousing link by considering it as secondary in relation to the manufacturing process. Because of this approach, the stock movement is breached, and the company might have great losses. A suitable warehouse complex secures the cargo-owner`s efficient stock movement – inventory caring and in-line processing of inventory stocks.

Freight insurance

Insurance of goods as insurance of any other properties is performed so to exclude or minimize losses incurred due to damages/loss of inventory holdings. It is possible to insure any cargo permitted for its transportation irrespective of a kind of transportation. Sure, to insure carriages inside the country and to insure carriages outside the country are a bit different. First, laws, principles, practice and approaches in the field of insurance, which are effective within the consignor`s country and country-receiver of cargoes, might have some distinctions.

Furthermore, many companies refuse to insure cargoes if they go through certain rogue states. Second, this probability of an event insured does depend on the cargo route. Longer and more difficult the route is, the risk is higher.

In the marine cargo insurance depending on a way of the carriage organization and cargo placement, one can single out:

  • Cargo insurance on ships;
  • Cargo insurance in containers.

The main factors in setting contractual terms in the shipped cargo insurance are: type of a chartered vessel (bulk carrier, tanker, reefer, RO-RO ship, etc.) and its parameters.

For insuring cargoes, one of the important parameters is a way to place cargoes aboard on deck or in the hold. Transporting cargoes on deck is considered by the underwriter as an additional risk because the probability of cargoes` washing over board increases.

Furthermore, the insurance of shiploads of specific commodity categories has its specifics. Thus, for instance, particular terms and conditions designed by the Institute of London of Underwriters.

The shipping container as a standard multi-way equipment gives an opportunity to perform multimodal carriages by using various transports. Herewith, the container itself as a transport package secures the cargo safety from any external influence during the whole transportation.

Insurance contract execution

In executing the insurance contract, the parties follow the current laws. The cargo is to be accepted for its insurance in the quantity manifested by the insured. It shall not be over the cost indicated in the shipping documents.

The insured`s choice in his cargo transportation is this very significant aspect. In many cases, the cost of cargo insurance, accuracy/terms of execution of requisite documents, cargo safety depend on it as well. No matter how professional and qualified the freight forwarder is, there is always some risk of events to happen that are beyond of his control.

By making a decision to cooperate with Dominor Ltd., you give your cargoes for good hands. You will be satisfied that carriages of any complexity, nature and distance are not a problem for professionals. Our goal is a safe, due and highly suitable delivery of your cargoes anywhere by any means.